Event: IME Third Thursday Water Seminar: Douglas Tobias


May 17, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


ERC 201B


Speaker: Douglas Tobias
Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of California

Title: "Protein Hydration Water"

Proteins present rough, chemically heterogeneous and dynamic surfaces to their surrounding solvent, which for many proteins is primarily aqueous. Roughly a monolayer of water, the so-called "hydration water", is perturbed structurally and dynamically by interaction with a protein molecule. I will present results from experimental and molecular dynamics simulation studies that exemplify the anomalous properties of protein hydration water and reveal differences in the behavior of water near folded soluble proteins, intrinsically disordered proteins, and membrane proteins. Hydration water is crucial for protein function. I will also present both experimental and simulation results that elucidate the mechanism by which functionally important protein motions are coupled to water dynamics. Finally, I will discuss teh nature and range of protein-water collective fluctuations, and the similarities and differences between the dynamics of protein-confined water at ambient temperature and bulk water at low temperature.

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