Event: IME Seminar: Sang Ouk Kim


November 27, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


ERC 301B


Speaker: Sang Ouk Kim
KAIST Chair Professor,
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, KAIST

Title: "Liquid Crystalline Graphene Oxide Nanoscale Assembly for Functional Structures"

Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystal (GOLC) is a newly emerging graphene based material, which exhibits nematic type colloidal liquid crystallinity with orientational ordering of graphene oxide flakes in good solvents, including water. Since our first discovery of GOLC in aqueous dispersion, this interesting mesophase has been utilized for many different application fields, such as liquid crystalline graphene fiber spinning, graphene membrane/film production, prototype liquid crystal display and so on. Interestingly, GOLC also allow us a valuable opportunity for the highly ordered molecular scale assembly of functional nanoscale structures. This presentation will introduce our current status of GOLC research particularly focusing on the nanoscale assembly of functional nanostructures. Besides, relevant research works associated to the nanoscale assembly and chemical modification of various nanoscale materials will be presented.

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