de Pablo Group: Monirosadat (Sanaz) Sadati

Postdoctoral Researcher

de Pablo Group


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Much of her research focuses on colloidal forces and self-assembly of colloidal particles in liquid crystalline materials. Sanaz is also interested in designing responsive liquid crystal interfaces for sensing of chemical and biological molecules and their interactions. Moreover, she is studying conformation and dynamics of DNA in microfluidic systems using fluorescence microscopy.


Monirosadat (Sanaz) Sadati is from Tehran, Iran. She received her BS and MS degrees in Polymer Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran. To pursue her PhD, she joined Institute of Polymer Physics at ETH Zurich in Oct. 2007, where under supervision of Prof. Hans Christian Oettinger, she studied complex flow of linear and branched polymer melts in a cross-slot channel using birefringence and particle tracking techniques as well as rheological modeling. After earning her PhD in 2012, Sanaz moved to the Fredberg lab at Harvard University to explore the underlying physics of collective cell migration and collision of cellular monolayers in wound healing assays.  In April 2014, she joined Prof. de Pablo’s group as an experimentalist.

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