de Pablo Group: Julio C. Armas-Perez

Postdoctoral Fellow

de Pablo Group


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    Searle Laboratory 105

    5735 South Ellis Avenue

    Chicago, IL 60637


His research focus on the study of the effect of confinement of liquid crystals on certain classes of geometries, like droplets or between plates, on a micro and nano-scale. His studies are based on computer simulations, using molecular and coarse-grain methods. Also, he is interested in studying basic molecular models, confinement restricted to bidimensional space, using MC and MD methods.


Dr. Armas-Perez received his PhD in Materials Science from the National University of Mexico (UNAM). He joined the group of Prof. Juan de Pablo, at PME of the UChicago, as a postdoctoral fellow in September 2012. Currently, he is working on the field of liquid crystals; specifically he is focused on the modeling of these systems, using molecular and coarse-grain level simulations.

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