de Pablo Group: Joshua Lequieu

Graduate Student

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    Searle Laboratory 105

    5735 South Ellis Avenue

    Chicago, IL 60637

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    lequieu at


Nanoparticles functionalized with DNA have applications as both highly sensitive biological detectors and as building blocks for customizable nano-scale architectures. Despite their advanced applications and widespread use, the kinetics and thermodynamics underlying DNA-nanoparticle assembly are not well understood. In our research, we preform thermodynamic analysis of the association of two DNA-functionalized nanoparticles. Using a coarse-grained DNA model, we calculate multi-dimensional free energy surfaces corresponding to the association of two DNA-nanoparticles. In particular, we’re interested in the impact of particle size, spacer length, strand loading, and sequence composition.


Joshua Lequieu was born in San Jose, CA and grew up in the nearby town of Cupertino (a town most often know as the home of Apple). He received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University in 2010. Joshua stayed at Cornell an additional year and received a M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2011 under the direction of Professor Jeffrey Varner. After starting a PhD at UW-Madison, Joshua Lequieu moved to UChicago (and the PME) in 2013 to continue his research with Professor de Pablo.

In additional to molecular modeling, Joshua enjoys listening and playing music, spending time over good food with good friends, good film, cycling and sailing when the weather permits. He also enjoys reading and discussing a broad range of topics outside the scope of his research.

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