de Pablo Group: Jose Martinez-Gonzalez

Postdoctoral Researcher

de Pablo Group


Liquid crystals (LC) are systems formed by anisotropic molecules and they are well known because of their optical activity and their responses to external fields. In the last decades LC have been extensively studied using molecular simulations and different theoretical approaches, however, there remain a lot of questions to be answered about the behavior of LC when they are confined to different geometries like spheres or plates. My research is dedicated to the numerical and theoretical studies of different kinds of constraints in confined liquid crystals to produce stable structures with novel potential applications.


Jose A. Martinez-Gonzalez received his BS and MS degree in Physics, and his PhD in Material Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, working with Prof. Jacqueline Quintana in the theoretical study of two-dimensional systems of some molecular models of liquid crystals and the implementation of molecular simulations using Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics. He had a postdoctoral stay with Prof. Gustavo Chapela at the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico, where he worked with systems of patchy particles to study the influence of the molecular geometry to produce chiral separation in two dimensions.  Dr. Martinez joined the group of Prof. de Pablo at the Institute of Molecular Engineering of the University of Chicago, as a postdoctoral researcher in February 2014.

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