de Pablo Group: Ivan Lyubimov

Postdoctoral Research Associate

de Pablo Group


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    Searle Laboratory 105

    5735 South Ellis Avenue

    Chicago, IL 60637

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Recently, it has been shown both experimentally and computationally that the formation of remarkably kinetically stable glasses is possible. Such glassy materials have superior thermodynamic and mechanical properties that are of interest not only for applications and technology but also for the fundamentals of glass transition and super cooled liquid state.

Some of the focuses of our work are to understand the mechanisms and to validate the principle ideas of stable glass formation. We are developing an efficient way to obtain stable glasses by molecular dynamics simulations and other computational methods. Controlling the enhanced mobility of molecules can lead to more relaxed configurations and more easily form stable materials. Characterization and comparison of the stable glasses’ properties against ordinary glasses’ provide valuable insights and allows us to obtain sudden structural differences between ordinary and stable glasses.


Lyubimov was trained as a theoretical condensed matter physicist and obtained his BS and MS from Kazan Federal University. He also pursued statistical mechanics and polymer physics studies. Under the supervision of Prof. Nail Fatkullin, his thesis project dealt with theoretical description of the frequency dependence of spin-lattice relaxation in homopolymer melts and defended in 2006.

In 2012, Lyubimov completed his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Oregon with Prof. Marina Guenza. His PhD work was focused on developing a theoretical frame for reconstructing dynamics of heavily coarse-grained polymer melts analytically. After earning his PhD, Lyubimov joined Prof. de Pablo’s group and became involved in stable glass projects.

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