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Block copolymers are macromolecules made of two or more homopolymer blocks of chemically distinct monomer species connected together by covalent bonds. The enthalpic block-block interactions coupled with the conformational entropy of the macromolecule chain causes microphase separation into well-ordered morphologies. Our research is focused on developing simulation models to elucidate the physics of these polymeric systems in bulk and thin-films.

The equilibrium morphological behavior of monodisperse block copolymers has been well studied. Large synthesis costs are associated with producing such monodisperse polymer blends, and some monomer species are not suited for such synthesis control. Therefore, using polydisperse materials could cut down synthesis costs as well as give rise to the study of new monomer combinations that have been ignored in the past. It is our goal to understand how polydispersity affects the microphase behavior of block copolymers in bulk and in chemically patterned thin films.

In addition, it is of great interest to our group to understand how to inverse engineer morphological features in thin films for lithographic applications. It is our goal to use optimization methods and molecular simulation methods to design polymer blends and surface patterns necessary to achieve pre-designed complex morphologies.


Garner was born in Tucker, GA, and grew up in a small suburb of Atlanta called Grayson. After graduating from Grayson High School in May 2008 he began his undergraduate education at the Georgia Institute of Technology in August 2008. He then graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with Highest Honors in May 2011. He is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department working towards his master’s degree.

Outside of academia, Grant’s hobbies include tennis, racquetball, and powerlifting,

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