de Pablo Group: Dan Hinckley

Graduate Student

de Pablo Group


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    Searle Laboratory 105

    5735 South Ellis Avenue

    Chicago, IL 60637


Coarse-grained models offer access to length- and time-scales not attainable with traditional all-atom simulation. However, the coarse-grained models alone do not enable the sampling of rare events. Dan couples coarse-grained models with enhanced sampling techniques such as metadynamics, forward flux sampling, and transition path sampling to sample rare events and obtain free energies.

His current work focuses on mechanisms of DNA hybridization. He is also interested in the development of improved DNA models incorporating sequence-dependent properties and more rigorous thermodynamics. These models would be applied to provide new insight into the role of DNA mechanical properties in gene expression and DNA compaction.


Dan Hinckley was raised in a suburb of Seattle, WA where he was an avid runner. He attended Brigham Young University where he studied chemical engineering and competed on the University’s cross country and track teams. After spending a year performing CFD calculations with Prof. Phil Smith at the University of Utah, he enrolled in the Chemical and Biological PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His interests include running and cycling. When he is not at working or performing these activities, he enjoys being a father and performing service in the local community.

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