de Pablo Group: Abhijeet Joshi

Graduate Student

de Pablo Group


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    Searle Laboratory 105

    5735 South Ellis Avenue

    Chicago, IL 60637

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    aajoshi at


Abhijeet Joshi, originally from India, received his BTech degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay). He then joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a research assistant for Professor Juan de Pablo. His initial research involved studying liquid crystal (LC) -aqueous interfaces and the effect of ions on these interfaces. Currently, he is working on developing first-principles based methods to calculate elastic constants of liquid crystals using atomistic models. These include the standard splay, twist and bend elastic constants, and the often-ignored but important saddle-splay elastic constant. These studies might help us understand peculiar morphologies observed in liquid-crystalline material within different confinements. Understanding bipolar to radial phase transition within LC nano-droplets is one such example.

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