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Master of Science in Molecular Engineering

The Master of Science in Molecular Engineering program at Pritzker Molecular Engineering will provide you with a streamlined and flexible degree to give you broad exposure across science and engineering disciplines, preparing you for the immediate next step in your professional journey.

Students select a specialized track in Bio- and ImmunoengineeringComputational Materials Modeling, or Polymer Science and Engineering. Each track consists of core graduate student offerings, in-depth courses along the theme of the specialization track, and elective courses in business or humanities.

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Elevate your career

Get equipped with the tools to take on leadership positions across industries.

Graduates of this program will be poised to take on highly skilled engineering positions. The program is also designed to provide an enhanced science and engineering background that will accelerate graduates’ ability to take on leadership roles across engineering firms, research and development, and in other industries (including healthcare, consulting, and manufacturing). Graduates of the MSME program will join the unparalleled global network of over 180,000 University of Chicago alumni.

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Discover your potential

Tackle complex technological problems that are important to society.

The program combines the deep analytical approach that has historically characterized science at the University of Chicago with a focus on developing new solutions to pressing global challenges. Our researchers develop new solutions in areas like clean water, systems engineering of energy, global environmental stewardship and climate change, rational design of drugs, and materials by design.

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Meet Our Alumni & Students

Medha Goyal '21

Polymer Science & Engineering Track 


Where are you now? Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science PhD student at Yale University researching soft robotics under Professor Kramer-Bottiglio


“MSME was a truly unique opportunity for me to study my chosen niche (polymer and soft matter science) from some of the world's experts. I am grateful for having been able to take interdisciplinary courses where I gained an important foundational understanding of soft matter while also learning about cutting edge research, and I use a lot of what I learned in my current research on a daily basis.” 

Yo Han Seol

Yo Han Seol '21

Polymer Science & Engineering Track 


“We live in a world that demands not just single major rather a cooperation of different fields, requiring multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches to overcome different challenges. The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago has been the door to tackle not just the fundamental science but also the application for real world needs such as drugs, energy, health, and technology, all of which inspired new paths for me. Post-graduation, I have accepted an offer to work with TESLA again as a quality engineer.” 

Sonia Vohra

Sonia Vohra '21

Polymer Science & Engineering Track 


Where are you now? Formulation Engineering Co-op at Phoenix Tailings. As of March 1st, 2022, will become a Materials Engineer. 


“I really appreciated the opportunity to explore so many different aspects of molecular engineering, from classical molecular modeling to synthetic biology, while also going in-depth into polymer science. I am also so grateful for the friendships I was able to cultivate with my fellow MSME students as we connected over our shared interests and academic/career goals.” 

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For general inquiries about the MS program, please contact

David Taylor
Dean of Students
Phone: 773.834.2057

Melinda Wesonga
Assistant Dean of Students