MSI Science Cafés

MSI Junior Science Cafés

After participating in a series of workshops designed to expand their abilities to communicate science and engineering effectively to a broad range of audiences, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering graduate students learn to translate their own research and present it to the general public. Science Cafes are the capstone of the Science Communication Program, a partnership between Pritzker Molecular Engineering (PME) and the Museum of Science and Industry aimed at developing students’ abilities to engage audiences with scientific and engineering concepts by effectively and compellingly describing the scope and impact of their research.

Upcoming Junior Science Cafes - for more information please go here.  

Cell Bioengineering - Hoang Van Phan, April 25
Immune Detectives: Innocent Until Proven Pathogenic - Jenni Antane, May 7
From Lake to Glass: How Water Moves Through Our Lives - Harrison Paul, May 7
Cleaning Water Using Cool Science - Whitney Fowler, May 9
Tiny DNA, Big Impact! - Rachel Weathered, May 9
Activate Your Inside Thor - Tengzhou Ma, May 14
How Do I Look When Zoomed In 1,000x? - Ruofan Chen, May 14
Polymers Are Everywhere - Laura Hart, May 23
How the small affects the big: making polymers and what they can do - James Lettow, May 23
Polymers - Garrett Grocke, May 24
Cells: More Complicated Than They Have to Be - Parthiv Patel, May 24:
Polymers - Jerry Hertzog, May 28
Magic Gel Worms - Arvin Sookezian, May 28
Small Stuff, Big Impact - Phil Rauscher, June 6
Electrifying Explorations: Using Circuits for Science and Fun - Andrew Oriani, June 6
Cheese and Pancakes - Lifeng Chen, June 7

Past PME Students' Science Cafes 

Code Breaking and Physics
DNA and the Human Library
From Banana DNA to Cancer
The Future of Water Purification

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