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An essential element of developing engineering applications that solve global challenges are researchers who can communicate their work to a variety of audiences, are able to meaningfully engage with the public as well as with the next generation of scientists and engineers, and are active and engaged leaders in interdisciplinary contexts.

Through carefully conceived outreach programs built in collaboration with multiple partners, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering students and scholars engage in meaningful and substantive outreach opportunities that allow them to develop these skills while helping different communities.

Science communication programs promote a greater understanding of the role of molecular engineering in society by training Pritzker Molecular Engineering (PME) students and scholars to develop effective communication skills that allow them to convey the substance and importance of problem-based research to a variety of audiences.

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Community outreach and school programs place students and scholars in teaching and mentoring roles in programs that provide middle and high school students, especially those in the university’s surrounding communities, access to PME’s learning and research environment and empower them to explore and pursue careers in STEM.

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Career training and development programs provide opportunities for PME students and scholars to develop teaching, management, and leadership skills within the context of the research community. In addition to seminar series and workshops that foster collaboration and expose students and scholars to cutting-edge research in industry and academia, programs include teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students and pre-collegiate interns, and training workshops in lab management, mentoring, and grant writing.

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