The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering is at the forefront of engineering research and education and there is no better time to influence the future of the field. Our degree programs aim at providing unique educational experiences through innovative ways of discovering, disseminating and distributing knowledge. Our curriculum provides our students broad exposures not only to various science and engineering disciplines but also in product design, entrepreneurship, and communication with flexibility to tailor individual student’s interests and inspirations.

Pritzker Molecular Engineering (PME) began accepting applications to our doctoral program in the Fall of 2013 and matriculated our first class of graduate students in the following Fall. In the Spring of 2015, we added a robust and challenging major to our undergraduate curriculum. This is the first engineering undergraduate program to be implemented at the University of Chicago. Undergraduates are now able to pursue both a minor and a major in Molecular Engineering. In addition to a rigorous scientific curriculum, all of our academic programs provide design and project-based learning opportunities, as well as product development and entrepreneurship training.

As PME continues to grow and plan for emerging academic programs, graduate and undergraduate student researchers are an important asset. Students from all backgrounds and education levels have the opportunity to collaborate with our leading faculty in revolutionary research areas and facilities. Our interdisciplinary nature encourages those from physics, biology, and chemistry to use their expertise to find applications that address pressing real-world issues.


Paul Nealey

Deputy Dean of Education and Outreach

Office: ERC 299



Academic and Student Affairs Office

The PME Dean of Students Office is your first stop as you navigate the wide variety of offices and programs across the University. Overall, our mission is to support graduate students in their academic engagement and progress. Students should reach out to our team for help in addressing any issue that might impact their success in their program, e.g., health problems, dynamics with faculty and peers, and concerns about academic preparation. The sooner students meet with us, the better able we are to offer appropriate and proactive assistance.
In addition to general advising and support, faculty and staff working in this area assist students in the processes and policies related to academic progress and degree requirements, registration and enrollment, student leadership and involvement, financial aid, access to university resources, overall student health and well-being, and other related matters. The Dean of Students Office connects students with opportunities to develop as teachers and researchers, to enhance their broader professional development, and to foster diversity in their academic and co-curricular lives.


Rovana Popoff

Dean of Students

Office: ACC 212



David Taylor

Associate Dean of Students

Office: ACC 213



Lisa Abston-Leftridge

Assistant Dean of Students

Office: ACC 214



Pete Segall

Program Coordinator

Office: ACC 214



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